Weizhou Island Classic Tour

      The first day mainly plays the eastern line, early in the morning can watch the sun rise in the most suitable color beach in Weizhou Island, the beach is full of flowers and rocks. Then go to the island's famous landmark, the Catholic Church in Shengtang card, in the afternoon can ride along the color road, slowly experience the road on both sides of the road, from the island road can walk into seashells beach.
       Along the seashells and beaches there are three observation tables(with signs) with different scenery. The main modes of transportation on Weizhou Island are bicyclist(bicycle, electric car) and rickshaw(tricycle, minibus and tour car). Today's trip is perfect for an electric car. There are a lot of car rental points on the island, such as town center, Stone spiral, dripping water screen, about 50-80 yuan days. The electric car when renting is full of electricity, and the island is not big, do not worry too much about the situation of no electricity half way. Attraction entrance has charge and collect the parking fee, parking general 2-5 yuan, charging 5-10 yuan.