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Ancient poetry

In 1591, Tang Xianzu, the dramatist and poet in Ming Dynasty, was relegated to serve as Dianshi (the official title in ancient China, also called secretary) in Xuwen County, after visiting Weizhou Island, he wrote one poem named as Resort to Weizhou Island for Fear of Intense Heat from Yangjiang, after Enjoying the Pearl Pool at Night, Hereby Write This Poem to Eulogize GuoTingliang (the Magistrate of Lianzhou), said that: The county is still hot in Spring, maybe the seaside of Gaozhou is cooler. The thunder rumbles, the sky is fuzzy. Tour at dusk, wonders emerge. Niggers hide in the boat, the bamboo joint points to the Dragon King. Its a fine weather, the breeze blows gently. Treasures are abundant in the pool, pearly lusters twinkle all the night. The white stars are shining, the yellow smoke is rising. The smoke is as far as Five-Color jade, the shade is as longer as shining silver to recall Meifu in the Western Han Dynasty, think of Mengchang in Han dynasty. I am moved by the scene unconsciously, and the dew drop in my cloth. Judging from the poem, Tang Xianzu viewed the scene of Weizhou offshore, Weizhou Island has been a place where multitudes flocked together since Ming Dynasty, moreover, Weizhou has been developed to a cert…

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