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Introductions to Weizhou Island South Bay Crocodile Mountain scenic spot:

Weizhou Island South Bay Crocodile Mountain scenic spot is located in Weizhou Island Tourist Area, Beihai City, Guangxi, and is 21sea miles from Beihai City. It is the largest and youngest volcanic island in China. The scenic spot consists of the beautiful Crocodile Mountain and colorful Five-Color Beach. Total area is 3.8 square kilometers.As an island scenic spot, Weizhou Island South Bay Crocodile Mountain scenic spot is the artwork of water and fire with oddly spectacular volcanic geological relics, sea erosion landscape with different shapes, beautiful coral and rich marine resources and cultural landscape. It has been rated "Top-10 Beautiful Islands in China" twice by Chinese National Geography and State Oceanic Administration, and won the honorary titles of "Top-Ten Best Marine Tourism Destinations in Beautiful China", "The Most Desirable Place in China" and "The most Beautiful Contemporary Xanadu in China". The water and fire blend and constitute Weizhou. In the future, Weizhou Island will optimize the resources, create high-end tourist Island and stride forward towards the goal of domestic first-class, internationally famous tourist resort island. Welcome to Weizhou Island South Bay …

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