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Dried seafood products

The fertile sea of North Bay is full of a wide variety of seafood, which dizzying people. Especially the seafood on the island is famous, the seafoods are original, delicious taste because of its warm climate, and no industrial pollution. Fresh seafood is processed into dry products that are easy to preserve and transport.

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The light, heat and water in Weizhou Island are very suitable for banana growth. At the same time, the unique volcanic ash potassium-rich soil and mineral water on the island is rich in natural mineral composition, it also contains essential trace elements for banana growth, and produce the banana with bright color, particularly good taste.

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Jackfruit is famous for its fleshy aroma, sweet and crisp, the main breeds are dry bud and wet bud jackfruit, but it cannot be seen from the surface to recognize the jackfruit is dry bud or wet bud, only when opened can know it. If you want to know which type it is or you can ask the fruit seller, and dry bud type is generally a little more expensive than wet bud type. Jackfruits appearance is very similar to durian, the difference is that durian is a little small, and jackfruits size is relatively large. Durian pericarp is full of sharp conical thorns, but jackfruits pericarp is just like the bayberry bundles one after another. In the selection of jackfruit, choosing the one with complete pericarp without broken skin. And when knocking jackfruit by hand, the one with a cloudy voice, and an easily broken pericarp tuberculum is the mature jackfruit.

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Sea fishing

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Watch Sunrise in Multicolored Beach Scenic spot

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Main ingredients: Scallop, garlic, salad oil, a small amount of salt, a little chicken essence, and cooking wine Methods: Steamed

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Holy conch

Main ingredients: Holy conch, minced ginger, chopped scallion, rice wine Methods: Plain-frying

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Dascilidae conch

Main ingredients: Dascilidae conch, green pepper, red pepper, ginger, garlic, chicken powder Methods: Stir-fried

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