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Main ingredients: Scallop, garlic, salad oil, a small amount of salt, a little chicken essence, and cooking wine Methods: Steamed

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Holy conch

Main ingredients: Holy conch, minced ginger, chopped scallion, rice wine Methods: Plain-frying

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Dascilidae conch

Main ingredients: Dascilidae conch, green pepper, red pepper, ginger, garlic, chicken powder Methods: Stir-fried

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Pan cover conch

Main ingredients: Pot cover conch, chili, minced garlic, steamed fish drum oil Methods: Steamed

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Greeting Banquet of South bay

Main ingredients: Turbot fish, pork neck, abalone, shrimps, yam, etc. Methods: Frying, Deep-frying, steaming, boiling Feature: Full of color and fragrance, a good banquet for guests

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Weizhou Sweet Potato Pan-Fried Dumplings

Main ingredients: Weizhou Sweet Potato, Golden wire and net skin Methods: Pan fried Feature: Crispy and soft waxy

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Carbon-roasted Weizhou Banana Pig Neck- Weizhou Island South bay Ocean View Hotel

Main ingredients: Weizhou Banana Pig NeckMethods: Carbon-roastedFeature: Sweet and refreshing, but with agreeable sweetness

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