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Hidden Turtle Cave

The Cave is a marine erosion cave, it is located near Wanzaizui of CrocMountain Scenic Area, a turtle-head-like rock lies two meters away from the Cave mouth while the turtle body is hidden inside of the Cave, the turtle head faces the Cave and watches the sea, vividly and lively. It is a kind of special marine erosion cave, the turtle-like volcanic rock collapsed under tide rushing and eroding, with long time of wave rushing, the rock became how it looks now, what a great work of nature!

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Lead to Heaven Cave

Lead to Heaven Cave has a nearly horizontal mouth for sea water to flow in and out, and a vertical mouths which directly connects to high marine erosion platform, this is why it is named. The Cave develops on high marine erosion platform, sea water rushes along structural joints and forms a winding marine erosion cave, blocked by rock layers, tidal flows rush and erode upwards, over time, cave top collapsed, a top mouth and a vertical shaft whose bottom connects with sea water were formed. The combination of tides and structure is the forming condition of Lead to Heaven Cave.

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Active Marine Erosion Cliffs

Active marine erosion cliffs refer to the steep rock cliffs distribute along coastline, they are the most conspicuous, the most spectacular and the most characteristic landform landscapes on Weizhou Island. Marine erosion cliffs are formed by waves, gravity and tectonism. During tide periods, erosion caused by waves on coastline is continuously strengthened, bedrocks on coastline are rushed constantly and form caves – marine erosion caves. As marine erosion caves gradually get deeper, bedrocks on coastline collapse under gravity, when there are joints, fractures and other structural planes, rocks collapse along fracture and joint planes and form steep cliffs, coastline continuously retreats, collapsed rocks are constantly abraded by tides and waves and finally appear as fragments on sand beach.

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CrocMountain Scenic Area

In CrocMountain Scenic Area, there are the most typical volcanic structure (crater), the most colorful volcanic landscapes and multi-period volcanic activities which are preserved the most completely in China. Volcanic landscapes are of various forms and postures, forming distinctive and amazing views. Main scenic spots are: Volcanic Geology Museum, CrocMountain Lighthouse, Ancient Barbette, Sea-Viewing Pavilion, Tangweng Platform, Crater, Dragon Palace Cave, Zeilao Cave (Pirates Cave), Marine Erosion Arch Bridge, “A Hundred of Animals Play in the Sea”, Moon Bay, Fall in Love in Weizhou, Coral Rock, Forever, Lover Bridge, Wave-Listening Platform, Natural Aquarium and Moon Square. There are also volcanic bomb impact craters, ancient tree fossils, water curtain cave, marine erosion pillars and marine erosion piers.

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CrocMountain Scenic Area

On almost every inch of the 1.5 kilometers of Colorful Beach coastaline, 20~50-high marine erosion cliffs develop and rise up, forming splendid and spectacular sceneries; flat and wide marine erosion platforms are built in front of marine erosion cliffs, dozens or even hundreds meters of marine erosion platforms surprisingly reveal when tides ebb; under the morning sunshine, mosses and sea water on marine erosion platforms shine colorfully and gorgeously. At the junction of marine erosion cliffs and marine erosion platforms, different shapes of marine erosion caves can be found everywhere. The “trinity” marine erosion platform landscape of marine erosion cliffs, marine erosion caves and marine erosion platforms is rare on China coast and island rocky coastlines, its large scale and typical, complete and concentrated views amaze its tourists.

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